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Your Site. Your Way. Your Self.

What is edit|forward?
edit|forward is an easy and affordable way for customers with little or no web application experience to maintain their websites without the use of a costly web development team.  For a fraction of the cost of traditional website development and maintenance, edit|forward allows customers to create, update, and regularly maintain their internet presence on their own.  edit|forward gives you the power to maintain your own site!

Why use edit|forward?
Relying on a marketing or web-design firm to design your website can be costly.  Before your company is even on the web, it will cost an average of $7,000 to get started.  Monthly maintenance can cost nearly $100 per hour.  edit|forward allows you to create a custom-designed website for a fraction of the cost and you can maintain your site monthly because edit|forward includes hosting services, email services, and other applications for one low cost.

From Start To Finish
edit|forward can provide end-to-end web solutions which fit your needs and your budget.  Our experts can handle anything from registering your domain name to posting your website.  edit|forward is a simple and affordable web solution for your business or organization.

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